Soffigen S.U.R.L.

The company produces and distributes disposable items made ​​of paper intended for home and industrial use.

The high quality and hygiene of the “product” is the result of the exclusive use of pure cellulose raw materials worked through more and more updated and cutting-edge production lines; all this is guaranteed by the SGS certification ISO 9001.

The brand “SOFFIGEN”, well placed on the domestic market, is continuously achieving consensus in the European market; this is all due to its qualified and well-structured trade network.
The continuous success that the company is achieving in the “Mass Retail Channels” and in the “Purchasing Consortia” is another strength.

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Ida Centrone Customer
Se mia nonna fosse viva..... Vi avrebbe fatto una statua di platino!
Pina Cavallo Customer
Ottima qualità prezzo
Antonio Ventrella Customer