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Every single roll has its own story!

Eight new decorations!

The Joy Roll

The Lucky Roll

"Joy is the indispensable ingredient for giving taste to human relationships."

An Irish proverb tells:

"May your luck overcome the four-leaf clovers that grow, and may never upset you wherever you go."

The Teddy Roll

"When a child plays with his bear, he fills the whole universe."

The Friendly Roll

"For the world, you're someone.
For someone you are the world."

The Freedom Roll

"If you are free, you can create the world."

The Pureness Roll

"Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man rises above earthly things."

The Strong Roll

"Elephants, so big and resistant but with a pure and light spirit."

The Tender Roll

"Tenderness is the secret language of the soul."

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